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Introducing the FlashLantern!

The next generation in lighting technology
The FlashLantern has a clear, solid fiber-optic mantle containing a circular prism which disperses light effectively.
The mantle eliminates several breakable parts of traditional lanterns including mantles, globes and bulbs.
The FlashLantern uses an LED flashlight as its power source.
The bracket holds the FlashLantern in an inverted position from a rope harness and has a quick release for hand use.
The FlashLantern provides for maximum light with a minimum size and weight.

Product Specifications

Parts: FlashLantern top w/ mantle, FlashLantern base, flashlight adapter,
quick release bracket, 3’ of camouflage cord and one carabiner clip
Product Material: Anodized Aluminum alloy construction
Product Dimensions: 4”H x 2.25”W
Flashlight Head Capacity Range: 1.2” to 2”
Flashlight Tube Capacity: < 1.25” (up to C cell batteries)
Product Weight: 8.9oz.
Available Color(s): Black
Suggested Retail Price: $49.95
Flashlight recommendations: For use with LED flashlights only. Beware of LED flashlights that warn of heat buildup or damage with extended use. Tail cap switches are suggested.
Patent Pending
UPC# 837654056004